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On this page we provide formal information relating to the Wokingham Bracknell & Districts Mencap organisation and its website. We do this in three sections: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Data Protection & Cookies, and Complaints.

Terms & Conditions


These are the terms and conditions of the Wokingham, Bracknell & Districts Mencap website, and they are the 'Rules' of how You may use the website.

The website is owned by Wokingham, Bracknell & Districts Mencap and its registered office is Suite 2, Oakmede Place, Terrace Road South, Binfield, Berkshire, RG42 4JF. Its registered company number is 6407883 and it is an English registered charity under number 1122662.

Anyone who uses this website will be called "You" in these Rules.

Wokingham, Bracknell & Districts Mencap will be called "WBDM" or "We" in these Rules.

Conditions of Use

If You use this website You are agreeing to these Rules from the date that You first use it.

WBDM may change these Rules, and if You use the site after any changes have been made You are agreeing to the new Rules.

You must not use this website to do anything that is unlawful, or that would affect anyone else's rights, or would stop or spoil anyone else's use of the website.

Copyright and reproduction of content

WBDM owns the name and logo of WBDM and it cannot be used without first getting WBDM's permission.

WBDM owns, or has permission to use, the materials, pictures, photographs or videos on this website. You cannot use any materials, pictures, photographs or videos on this website belonging to WBDM without permission. If any materials, pictures, photographs or videos on this website are owned by someone else then that person or organisation will be identified, and then You will need to ask their permission to use them.

Everything on this website is for information only and You may only use it for Your own use and must not use it for any commercial gain.

You can use the information on this website to share it with other people as long as You say it came from WBDM.

You must not change any information, materials, pictures, photos or videos that You get from this website. You must only use information, materials, pictures, photos or videos exactly as they appear on the website, and if You use a video that You got from this website You must not use just part of it.

Privacy and Data Protection

Please read WBDM's Privacy, Data Protection and Cookie Policy.

Website Links

This website has links for Your information to other websites not owned by WBDM. WBDM is not responsible for anything in any website that it does not own.

WBDM does not endorse these websites and cannot say if any information on such websites is accurate or correct.

You are responsible for checking if the information on any other websites that You link to from this website is accurate or correct and for anything that you might buy from another website. WBDM is not responsible for Your use of any websites not owned by WBDM.


This website is for information only and You should not rely on information on this website as being professional advice on any matter. You should get Your own advice before taking any action because of any information You may have seen on this site.

WBDM cannot guarantee that Your use of this website will not be interrupted or that this website is free from errors, malware, bugs, so You must take Your own action to protect Your own computer before downloading information from the site.

WBDM cannot accept liability for any damages whatsoever including, indirect or consequential damages, loss of profits, as a result of Your use or loss of use of this website or from downloading malware.

The laws of England and Wales apply to this website and any disputes about the use of this website will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.

Privacy Policy, Data Protection and Cookies


Anyone who uses this website will be called "You" in this policy. Wokingham, Bracknell & Districts Mencap will be called "WBDM", "Us" or "We" in this policy.

WBDM wants to protect any personal information that You give to us. This statement is made in order to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, and to tell You how WBDM will use any personal information that You give to us.

How we collect information

We get personal information from You when You enquire about our fundraising, services, activities, membership or other things that we do, or if You register with us to take part in an event or competition, make a donation or give us personal information in any other way.

What information we collect

The types of personal information we might ask for may include Your name, address, gender, date of birth, email address or telephone number.

How we use your information

We will use the information that You give to us:

  • to send You information, products or services that You have asked for
  • to look at how we can make the information, products and services we offer to You better (including this website)
  • to contact You about events, fundraising, campaigning or our other work.


Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your computer. They are generated by our usage of Google Analytics (GA) which helps us to improve the usefulness and relevance of the information on our website. GA uses cookies to collect statistics on visitor access to the website. These cookies contain no personally identifiable information so do not store names, phone numbers or email addresses. We do not use cookies for any other purpose.

If you wish you can opt out of Google Analytics cookies or change the privacy settings in your browser to prevent cookies from being used during your visit to the site.

Navigating to another site

This Privacy, Data Protection and Cookie Policy applies to WBDM's website only. The WBDM website has links to other websites owned by other people. WBDM does not pass on any personal information about You to any other website when You link to another website from this one. If You use a link from the WBDM website to another website you must read their privacy policy to find out how they may use any personal information You may give them.

How do we protect personal information?

We will make sure that any personal information that You give to us is kept secure, accurate and up-to-date, and only keep it for as long as it is needed and only for the purposes for which you have agreed we can use it.

Under 18 year olds

If you are 18 or under, please get Your parent/guardian's permission before You give us any personal information about Yourself.

Your consent

By giving us any personal information You are agreeing to our use of that information as it says in the Privacy, Data Protection and Cookie Policy.

Right of access

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information that we have about You, and we may charge a small fee to do this. Also, if any information that we have about You is wrong, You can ask us to correct it for You.


If Your personal details change, please help us to keep those details up-to-date by telling us about any changes. If you want to see what information we have about You, or need to tell us about any changes to the information that You have given to us, please email us or contact:

The Data Controller
Wokingham, Bracknell & Districts Mencap Ltd.
Suite 2, Oakmede Place
Terrace Road South
RG42 4JF

We may change this Privacy, Data Protection and Cookie Policy at any time. If You use this website after changes are made You will be agreeing to those changes.

Complaints Procedure

Within the limits of its resources and its constitution Wokingham Bracknell & Districts Mencap is committed to providing the best possible service to its users. It follows from this that individuals and organisations who are unhappy about the service they receive or do not receive should be clear about how to raise their concerns. Furthermore, they should know the organisation welcomes such critical feedback and will deal with it in a positive way which does not seek to evade the issues raised by the complainant. To obtain a full copy of our written Complaints Procedure please email us.


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